Sydney man excited for mass immigration to re-commence so he can be run over on the footpath by Uber Eats riders

A Sydney man has expressed his joy at EZFKA’s great replacement immigration scheme re-commencing, so he can contend with dangerous driving from foreigners yet again.

Mark Morrison, of Newtown, said he was delighted to see the vibrancy of excessively dangerous driving from third worlders back in the CBD and suburbs.

“I’m excited for it to return. Not only for the crushing of wages from third world slave labour, but for all the social cohesion costs as well which don’t need to be discussed,” Thompson said.

“If there’s one thing the CBD needs, it’s Indian and Chinese delivery drivers on slave wages delivering food. What are a few fatal and non-fatal accidents? The public can wear the cost, this is EZFKA!”

The first plane loads of coolies are due next week.

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Agent 47


Cue all the sob stories in the Sydney Morning Herald about how Harpreet who overstayed his visa by 3 years and broke every traffic rule was the real victim in being run over.

Chinese Astroturfer

How many comfort addicted hysterical middle class sloths will be demanding their Uber Eats slave show their vaccine papers after breathing over their food for 20 minutes and having 80 close contacts per day.

Agent 47

You mean these people?


Gold. Went back to my old Fish and chip shop on the weekend. Owner isn’t looking forward to the return of the Indian Ubereats gangs milling around the place…


They were everywhere on the footpath on our local shopping street. One good thing about the closed borders is that the number of scooters on the footpath decreased. Not looking forward to them coming back. I don’t know what is worse: the riders causing accidents and riding on the footpath or the overfed upper middle class who use the service.

Agent 47


The suburbs in Melbourne i see these future third party insurance claims the most are Northcote, Fitzroy etc.

Greens and ALP voters that love modern slavery as long as it’s delivering their food.