Tanya Plibersek sets record for longest serving female MP that’s done absolutely fuck all

Labor MP Tanya Plibersek has set a record for not only the longest serving female MP, but the longest serving MP that has achieved fuck all during her parliamentary career in EZFKA.

Plibersek was honoured to accept the awards, however was disappointed that she couldn’t have done less during her tenure. Plibersek credited Labor’s pivot away from the EZFKA working class and unions in the 90’s, towards becoming an even shittier version of the LNP with her success.

“It’s been a hard slog spending most of my 23-year career in opposition in a safe, inner-city Sydney seat on $200k a year pretending to oppose things, but something’s gotta pay for those investment properties,” Plibersek said.

“Getting my husband a cushy public service job under an LNP state government, was probably one of my greatest achievements. Other than that, to quote another ALP legend in Daniel Andrews, I can’t recall.’

Plibersek plans to celebrate with yet another appearance on Q&A, and promises an ‘eye-roll for the ages.’

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Agent 47

LOL her, Wong, Kearney, Keneally, Gallagher, Butler.

All reasons to never vote Labor. If you even had one in the first place.

Chinese Astroturfer

What about that slvt from the s3x party?

Agent 47

Patten? Probably sacrificing a kid to Moloch.


Doesn’t she have a net worth of $10M. I guess she is doing better than a deplorable like me. Who would have thought that sitting in the opposition and virtue signalling would be that lucrative.


Opposition is probably the best gig. Collect the same big paycheque without any of the responsibility or scrutiny of being in government.