Twiggy Forrest gives stirring speech on Australia’s ‘climate change obligations’ from outside his private jet in Glasgow

Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has given a stirring lecture on EZFKA’s climate change obligations and lodged his full support for Scott Morrison’s net zero aspirations.

The mining billionaire gave a rousing ten-minute speech from in front of his gulf stream private jet on the runway in Glasgow.

‘It’s time Australia committed to the obligations laid out by Scott Morrison and the UN,’ Forrest said.

‘Mining powered by fossil fuel use has made me incredibly rich but that’s not the point. Jet fuel is getting expensive these days due to inflation, so it’s time we take action.’

Forrest and compatriot Gina Rinehart are expected to announce a new deal for ‘sustainable jet fuel’ from China this coming week.

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It seems to me like there has been too much travel going on in recent years.

often, I struggle to see the point. On that basis, I’m dead against the “sustainable jet fuel” from China.

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Can we just stay focused on Covid please? I mean entirely healthy people like this woman are still feeling sick long after catching the virus. This is serious people!


From the article:

“But now the formerly healthy 50-year-old struggles to walk unassisted”



Seems like there may be some other morbidity involved…

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am pretty sure that covid is most dangerous to the overfed and nearly dead, there is that small statistic from the US that shows that nearly all that died from whuflu were in the overfed or nearly dead or both category. Aside from the ones that had more serious co-morbidities.


100%, who is it on here who was always saying people had 18 months to get in shape?

It’s a complete farce that the national health reporter at the ABC can classify that woman as healthy. She would be lucky to fit into the severely obese category. I suppose calling people obese is now offensive fat-shaming so just call them healthy.


Billionaires and politicians flying private jets to a climate conference just shows how stupid the world’s response to climate change has become. I have watched it is get stupider each year. We could have gone for solutions like work from home, tree lined streets, double glazing, light coloured roofs, etc. but instead it is now Teslas, giant combustible batteries etc. that will save us.

Reus's Large MEMBER

There are so many things that could be done right off the bat, but none of them make money for the 0.1% so they would never happen. I just recently “renovated” our house myself, took it down to floor level and rebuilt it, it was a asbestos riddled un-insulated cockroach hotel. Some things that we did as part of the build that make such a difference were, not building a mansion when there was no need for the 3 of us, putting in the as much insulation as possible, double glazing, appropriate eves and design to make use of winter sun. Even if they restricted new builds to only being 50% of the land it would make a difference, why do people need to have 2 lounge rooms, 2 dining rooms, a media room and a bathroom for every bedroom.


Absolutely. I see the opposite of what you are doing around me. Knocking down houses with eves etc. and using the whole block to build an energy inefficient house.