Victorian Labor Party members file lost property reports for missing testicles after new pandemic powers pass lower house

The Victorian ALP has filed dozens of lost property reports for missing testicles, after Daniel Andrews new pandemic legislation passed the lower house.

In the midst of protests and a public backlash from top lawyers, male members of the ALP filed the reports with Victoria Police, claiming they hadn’t noticed they were missing since 2013.

“We received a large number of reports of missing testicles, as the ALP members of the house finally checked their balls to find they didn’t have any,” a spokesman for Victoria Police said.

“All it will take is a few dissenting members to grow a set and dissent on the vote. Although that’s too much to ask from some of them clearly.”

Adem Somyurek abstained from commenting, but was prepared to tweet a big game and not deliver on the vote as usual.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

If I were in CCP Victoria I would be leaving as soon as I could, no amount of money is worth staying there for that fcukwit.


I think the amount of people who will leave Melb in the near future will be huge.
Pretty sure most major financial crisis Oz has had starts in Melb. I hope Dan is still in when it happens.