Morrison proposes new “Great Replacement” immigration program to restart Australian economy

EZFKA PM Scott Morrison has announced a new “Great Replacement” migration program, aimed at filling unemployment caused by lockdowns, vaccine mandates and COVID19.

After months of firing people for not submitting to an experimental medical procedure, Morrison said the time was ripe for replacing skilled EZFKA workers with lower wage, foreign counterparts.

“To address the historic skill shortages that I have created with unconstitutional vaccine mandates, the obvious solution is to bring in skilled migrants from other countries,” Morrison said.

“During the height of a global pandemic, the best way to keep Australians and the world safe, is to steal more foreign health workers.”

“Every single problem in this country can be fixed by endlessly importing more and more people, it’s quite simple really.”

The workers will be flown in from India next week.

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Agent 47

Yep this is exactly what they’ll attempt to do.


Yes, the satire tags should be removed.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Totally is the plan, plus those coming in will have the benefit of fake vaccine passports so will not suffer the debilitating effects of the vaccines and will allow for more to be brought in to replace the vaccinated that are dying.


I love the smell of a ponzi scheme in the morning


India is about to start vaccing 2 year olds with some shitty made in India product. No doubt this will be rubber stamped by Scomo to get some warm bodies into the country.