McGowan ‘death threats’ revealed to be McGowan calling his mobile from a payphone

WA Premier Mark McGowan has denied allegations that the death threats sent to his mobile phone, were actually him calling from a payphone.

Photos of the WA Premier outside a payphone in Rockingham surfaced online last night and the Premier has denied allegations that it was at the same time the threats were called in.

“No, I was merely receiving the best health advice and those allegations are absolute nonsense,” McGowan told a press conference.

“I’m co-operating with WA Police at the moment and I will provide updates accordingly. Go and get vaccinated”

McGowan is believed to be in a secure location with NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner while madates ‘play out’ and has also called for increased security around for Natioanl Cabinet members.

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Agent 47

Was probably Xi.