Clocks across the nation stop for 24 hours in honour of Waleed Aly finally making one good point

Clocks across EZFKA have stopped for 24 hours, after paid controversialist Waleed Aly finally made a good point about something.

The Project co-host made the comments about the realities of lockdowns and the nation’s COVID response on ABC Insiders this weekend, forcing clocks across the nation to immediately stop for 24 hours.

“I thought it was time for a change in tack, in between always calling in sick every time there’s an Islamic terrorist attack and my usual woke shite,” Aly said.

“Plus all of this is starting to directly impact me now, so in the true EZFKA spirit I support something until it directly affects me.”

Aly has vowed to return to normal shitty opinions this week on The Project.

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I despise that slimy turd.

Agent 47

Same. Total cunt.


i’m surprised he remembers his own…


holy cow… Aly’s point made on insiders is aligned with his nemesis Peter Hitchens!

Agent 47

I’ll still remember his encounter with Chris Hitchens on QandA.

Aly embarrassed.


lol would love to see that.

I also wanted to add…. Peter Hitchens was making this point 18 months ago… takes some time for some people to catch on I guess.

Travis Howarth

Let’s get real. The heavily !slam!c areas of Melbourne and Sydney are continually identified as ‘sources’ of covid19 spread so he’s speaking his own book on this. I agree though that letting medicos dictate policy is disastrous (as we are witnessing) but Waleed does not come from a position of ‘good faith’ [pun intended] on this stuff. As per the article title, a broken clock is still right occasionally.


Do you really think the medico’s are dictating policy though?
It looks far more like what can we do that doesn’t piss our donors off while also keeping the public from getting really mad at us, or at least minimising what we can be blamed for.


yeah they are… not because they want to mind you.

The politicians have used them as cover to avoid responsibility and criticism. it is an easy story to say “hey we are just following the expert advice.” trouble is, that expert advice is coming from career bureaucrats who need to protect their own job and fear becoming unemployed (if you’ve only worked in public service and spent more than 5 years there, you’re basically unemployable for the private sector).


trouble is, that expert advice is coming from career bureaucrats who need to protect their own job and fear becoming unemployed “
That is the very definition of not the medical advice.


that’s true. it’s not medical advice. but it’s portrayed that way, “expert advice”


Has he apologised yet for accusing that Collingwood player of faking racism?


Waleed is a good case study in what is wrong with the self declared ‘left’. The prick is ultra enthusiastic about any form of identity politics, especially when it is about increasing immigration. This is despite the fact that most identity politics is just a corporate effort to reduce resistance to the importation of ever greater amounts of scab labour.
Reminds me of when Sally Mcmanus tweeted about the horror of seeing poor working class people protesting:


People like McManus love the 5 kilometre rule as it keeps the poor working class out of her multi million dollar neighbourhood.


I think I despise McManus, in the slimy turd sense, more than I despise Aly.

I know that’s a big call, but that’s just how it is.