AFL Grand Final to feature moveable goal posts in line with McGowan government policies

The EZFKAFL has announced the EZKAFL Grand Final will be played with moveable goal posts for the first time, in line with a request from the WA government.

The move will see the goal and behind posts both fitted with wheels and move at random points during the game, for no reason at all.

“This was decided on by national cabinet last week and is in lockstep with COVID policies across Australia,’ WA Premier Mark McGowan said.

“So you may think you’re up by a goal and then you’re suddenly only 1 point ahead. It’s two steps forward, one step back just on the footy field this time.”

Fans have already been requested to show evidence of two jabs, a negative test and at least one anal swab at both quarter time and half time, in order to attend the game.

The NRL is considering a similar policy in their grand final.

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god you’re good at this