Karen kicks out Katie to kreate kuarantene space for Koolies

Great article in today’s press celebrating the whipping of a whitey witch womman who was taking out precious wuarantine space.


The space can now be used by an islander fruit picker or Vietnamese electrician/plumber/brickie/concreter (depends on der day of der week/which site he finds himself at presently) for the glory of the EZFKA.

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Nah, will be making way for a sportsperson or another celebrity. The EZFKA units need to be distracted by sport or reality TV.


I think Katie H is bloody great, but she really screwed the pooch on this one.

Going out of her way to trumpet to the entire nation “Hahaha I’m a foreigner here for very little reason and I’m deliberately defying your national quarantine laws” is extremely fucking stupid and just gave our idiot politicians an easy target for a bit of self righteous bloviating. If ever someone lead with her chin, this would be it.

Making bomb jokes in the aircraft boarding queue is genius level in comparison.


LoL 😂