GoFundMe to crowdfund nuclear strike on Davos during WEF annual meeting reaches goal in 10 seconds

A GoFundMe to launch a nuclear strike on the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos has set a record for reaching it’s goal in under 10 seconds.

A similar GofundMe to launch a simultaneous nuclear strike on Geneva while the WHO Treaty is taking countries’ sovereignty also reached it’s goal in under a minute.

“It’s clear that many in the world want these parasitical cunts wiped out before they wipe humanity out,” a spokesman said.

“Some donors stated they wanted long and drawn-out torture of Klaus Schwab and ‘useless eater’ Yuval Harari livestreamed, but we’ll look into that at a later date depending on the survivors.”

The first ICBM’s are expected to be launched soon, despite concerns that some WEF members may still survive due to being cockroaches.

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Agent 47

Damn would have donated if I knew it was happening.

Agent 47

Look at the patch on the cop. Unable to tell if he’s a private contractor or they’ve seconded the locals into their own bidding.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think “give”, “send”, “go” would be a better option …. LOL