Doherty Institute model predicts 26 million Australians will die of monkeypox unless vaccine mandates re-instated

The Doherty Institute has predicted that the entire population of Australia will die if they are not  vaccinated against monkeypox.

The new model predicts a catastrophe worse than COVID if lockdowns, masks and triple vaccination mandates are not immediately re-instated.

‘We need to re-introduce triple vaccinations as a matter of priority or the entire country will be wiped out,’ Professor Peter Doherty said.

‘I’ve got a significant investment portfolio to think of so it’s imperative we get these vaccines out to the public as soon as possible.’

The Burnet Institute has yet to respond but is understood to be considering monthly vaccines to fight the next outbreak ‘as soon as the WHO Treaty is signed.’

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Joachim Peiper

Relax, you can only catch it if you fuck monkeys.

A fly in your ointment

is that the new slang for fags?


No way I am not funking the PM

Hugo Cellmoff

Easier, Tree climbing a bonus. Craving for bananas 😋😋😂

A fly in your ointment

in the wake of Gebrselasie being in bed with Biden and US interests, perhaps it is due that those who named it “WuFlu” and CCP virus whilst claiming WHO is a puppet of CCP – to apologise?

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s a poofter disease like AIDS.

A fly in your ointment

no comment



Afra Hall-Beers

This is clearly a spoof post to alert us to the absurdity of the latest scam illness. Please everyone….stop believing main stream rubbish!!! Turn off the crap news on TV and acknowledge we were created by God with a body that has the ability to heal itself as and when needed so long as we don’t insert poisonous substances into it!


This is shingles…no such thing as monkeypox..


I have shingles but toes are getting hairy