Djokovic calls Bileola family for advice on how to tie up Australian court system with endless, bullshit visa appeals

Tennis star Novak Djokovic has called the infamous Bileola Tamil family for advice on how to prolong his stay in EZFKA, after his visa was controversially cancelled yet again.

The tennis champion has called the family’s lawyer, for advice on how to drag out bullshit appeals for years, charge the tax payer and even run media sob stories to stir up childless white women, so he can play in each year’s EZFKA Open.

“Look, I and many other in the EZFKA Open Borders industry have made plenty of money from endless bullshit visa appeals as a migration lawyer, it’s an investment strategy. The Bileola Family have been the biggest cash cow in years and set the record for bullshit appeals, so what do you think a rich tennis star is?” lawyer Carina Ford said.

“We’re even considering Novak applying for a protection visa. Everything is legal, this is just a continuation of the EZFKA tradition of migrants using the court system against the country and passing the cost on to the public while I clip the ticket and white-ant society.”

Djokovic’s hearing is scheduled for this weekend in an extraordinary sitting.

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I struggle to see the satire here.

If the rules were made no-jab-no-play and without an avenue for exemption, if Djoker was denied visa in the first place before his arrival, if Scommy did not change the existing immigration rules on the eve of Djoker’s arrival (literally few hours before), if immigration followed its own fair-go rules, if… so many if’s and all are squarely at Dicktator Dan and Chairman Scommy regimes.

Agent 47

It seems they’re taking the piss out of Australia’s migration appeals system which has allowed people like the Tamil family to appeal over and over again for years until they get the result they want, and That Djokovic should do the same if he wants to stay.

It’s spot on.


I understand that bit, but Djoker is not trying to stay here more than 2 weeks it takes for AO to finish… he is pushed into legal cesspool rather than diving into it.

Chinese Astroturfer

Djokovic had a valid visa as well as the other three players I think it is that have been kicked out. The other three were let in without any drama. Previous infection was either a valid reason to get in or immigration had basically said we’d look the other way on this and break our own laws.

Agent 47

Lol was expecting this family to make an appearance at one stage on SBS holding a ‘what about us’ sign.