The Age journalist fired for failing to link rising property prices with neo-nazis

A journalist for The Age has been sacked after failing to link rising EZFKA property prices with neo-nazis.

Chris Webb, a 14-year veteran of Fairfax, was terminated after being unable to write an article blaming ‘neo-nazi white supremacists’ for rising property prices during the COVID pandemic.

“The directive came down two months ago from our shareholders, notably Vanguard and Black Rock, to spam every second article with some tenuous, bullshit link to neo-nazis. I couldn’t find any link with property prices so they told me I was no longer needed,’ journalist Webb said.

“It was also to try and derail the protest movement, but that seems to have backfired.”

Fairfax did not comment on the issue, but will be running a ‘How to outbid white supremacists at auctions’ feature next week.

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Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

Loving the new fonts that don’t hurt my eyes!


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The first American to scam a Nigerian!


So the protest were white supremists, now they are covering that people associated with the protests are trying to make money from the protest:

Reus's Large MEMBER

Next thing you know they will be promoting them for government jobs …. of course the paid mouthpiece of the authorities must paint them in the worst possible light.