Victoria Police disappointed they haven’t shot any protestors recently

Victorian Police officers have expressed their dismay at not being able to shoot any protestors, as demonstrations against Daniel Andrews ramp up.

Over 20,000 marched in the city on the weekend to protest the pending pandemic legislation, with many officers upset they had to stand back and watch rather than open fire.

“I was all fired up coming into work that morning, getting ready to pepper spray some unarmed protestors while calling them pussies,” Senior Constable Mark Harrison of the PORT squad said.

“Unfortunately, we were told we weren’t needed and I ended up doing traffic duties. Not happy, as I needed the overtime payments to get ahead with my mortgage payments. It’s just not right.”

Premier Daniel Andrews has vowed that he will return to ‘police brutality as usual’ if the laws are passed.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Truth with a hint of satire


The votes that took place around the United States last week show that elections can now be fought and won on culture war issues. Parents told Democrats “no” to critical race theory and the sexualisation of their kids in schools.

Elections that follow a Presidential race routinely trend against the party in the White House, so Republicans were expected to do well in the assorted votes that took place around the country last week.

But no one quite expected last Tuesday’s results.

A Red Tidal Wave in Virginia

In Virginia — a state Biden won by ten points last year and that has been blue since the Obama years — the GOP snatched the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General.

Glenn Youngkin defeated Democratic candidate and former Governor Terry McAuliffe, while Winsome Sears took the lieutenant governor position and Jason Miyares becomes the state’s new Attorney General.

Republicans are also on track to take back the state’s lower legislative chamber, erasing a ten-seat Democrat majority.

Shock Results in New Jersey and Beyond

Even more surprising was the GOP’s performance in New Jersey. Blue since the days of Bill Clinton, New Jersey was supposed to be a walk in the park for incumbent Governor Phil Murphy, who enjoyed a ten-point lead in the polls. While Murphy is still projected to win, Democrats are rattled: if Murphy succeeds, he will only be putting down his Republican rival by a thousand or so votes.

In another blow for New Jersey Democrats, former truck driver Edward Durr, who spent only $153 on his general election campaign, is set to oust Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney. Sweeney is the longest-serving legislative leader in the state’s history.


It’s the Culture War, Stupid!

So whence the red tsunami?

If there is a single takeaway from last week’s results, it is that American voters are far more engaged in the culture wars now than in any past election. While the economy and Covid mandates were also on the table, the role of parents in education was a leading concern. This was especially true in Virginia.

“Republicans are looking to education as a winning issue ahead of next year’s midterm elections after putting it front and center propelled the party to a clear victory in Virginia on Tuesday,” reported The Hill.

The New York Times was even more blunt: “After Terry McAuliffe stumbled to defeat … a mild suggestion seems in order: Democrats probably need a new way to talk about progressive ideology and education.”

Parents as Domestic Terrorists?

Virginia has been ground zero for a nationwide showdown between parents and school boards. For parents, the issues have been at least twofold: the sexualisation of their children through transgender bathroom policies and curriculum; and critical race theory which is souring race relations, especially in urban centres.

Youngkin stood with parents on these issues; McAuliffe stood in their way. The rest is history.

It also didn’t help that nationally, Democrats and their progressive institutions have been characterising dissenting parents as “domestic terrorists” and a threat to national security.

As conservative pundit Candace Owens put it, “I’m very surprised to learn that classifying parents as domestic terrorists for not wanting their children to learn racist and pornographic material in school is not a winning election strategy. Who knew.”

Reus's Large MEMBER

If the republicans can leverage this across the country then they could take back America and make it where dreams of opportunities are realised, Joe Biden and the squad have done more damaged to the US in the last few years than had happened since the states was formed.

It is really good to see the massive push back on the socialist agenda, the people are waking up in droves. However there are a few hacks on Communist News Network and MS “DNC” that need to be fired for out and out racism though, some of the comments were disgusting.


Note that the NYT didn’t suggest the Dems change their foul agenda…they just need to talk about it differently…ie camouflage their intentions behind a screen of bafflegab so that people don’t understand what they’re up to with their CRT bullshit.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes I notice that the “CRT is not a thing” claim is their way of being Dr Fauci about it, where the definition or name is changed so they can call BS on it being taught. It is typical of the slime that invades that side of politics to do that in order to obfuscate what they are up too.

A fly in your ointment

How many people actually look at waxing numberwocky?

from comes a bit of confusion.

in the last week, as per waxing percentages, ~22000 punters took the first or the second chance for blood clot or miocarditis, and yet, miraculously, on daily doses of roulette they list 27000 entrants for the week but the list of numbers don’t add up as it comes to 140000 participants if we add up all the daily numbers (second numberwocky it checks ok if we look at the table by provider).
So… how many actually got the wax in the last week?
I asked my adverse effects facts denier mate for opinion and he could not offer one…


I don’t attempt to follow the detail.

the way I look at it, it’s largely inconsequential whether it’s 95% of people who have taken the shot, or 90% or 73%.

it’s quite clear that a significant majority have done it.

the real question is “was it a good idea?” and we must wait for some time to elapse in order to work this out.

by the way, my thinking has evolved in relation to why the governments are pushing so damn hard to get everyone jabbed (ie why they are not happy with 90%, which is already a very high number).

previously I could only think of zombies. This was hard to believe, because it required a wise government, much internal coordination and planning, no leaks from the hundreds of people that would need to know, etc. Largely incompatible with the EZFKA model.

Now I have thought of a much simpler explanation: they don’t want a statistically significant control group to exist. This is much more compatible with the EZFKA model – pushing all costs onto EZFKA units and avoiding any potential accountability for decisions.

A fly in your ointment

I agree to your assessment, I just have more to add to it.
Start with asking as to why the numbers of waxed need to be fudged in broad daylight (if this is a correct assessment of jabberwocky numbers above). I have no explanation apart from trying to put the pressure on the minority under oppression, to make it seem as there are only a handful of them and it is silly not to participate in the clinical trial of greatest size in the history of mankind. Now that in isolation would seem simple, however, the size, omnipresence and the hard push for more and more to be waxed seems quite disproportional to the target group of “just a handful of loonies” and it suggests a different picture in real numbers..
My take is that they want the clinical trial group to be as big as it can possibly be before they hit a brick wall and no one wants any more jabberwacky. Real numbers must be very different from published 95ish % for them to be pushing this hard. No inoculation ever reached 100%, neither will this one.


Don’t worry, Victoria Police will be back to what they do best:

Covid was just BAU and probably shone a light on behaviour that often didn’t make the news.


do you think that the police officer who did this go to jail?

or has he already been promoted several times?


Usual thing is to be suspended on full pay while investigations occur.