McGowan calls Joe Biden after shitting his pants looking at the iron ore price

WA Premier Mark McGowan has placed a panicked phone call to US President Joe Biden, after shitting his pants having a look at the falling iron ore price.

McGowan called the President for advice on how to deal with the public embarrassment and coping strategies, as iron ore continues to plummet below $100 a ton.

“It’s the real reason for me starting to open the WA border all of a sudden, because we have nothing else to bankroll the state with. All that budget surplus is about to disappear,” McGowan said.

“I’ve been an insufferable, smug prick the last 18 months and now it’s starting to actually hit home that without one industry we’re fucked. Don’t even start on the hospitals. Joe offered some advice but kept calling me Brandon for some reason.”

McGowan will be wearing brown pants for the remainder of the year.

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“… Don’t even start on the hospitals….”

not really satire eh?


Satire is just previews. Found this bit of satire: