Study finds Australia’s deadliest pandemic has claimed zero lives of first responders

New research has shown the deadly COVID-19 virus that has forced the shutdown of EZFKA, has not claimed the lives on any first responders across the nation.

The study, conducted by the Who the Fuck Still Believes This Shit Institute, found that no Police, Ambos, Doctors, Nurses or Firies have succumbed to the virus despite being at the forefront of it for the last 18 months.

“What an amazing find that those most exposed to such a deadly disease have not succumbed to it. Especially, the Police who have been congregating in groups to stop people congregating in groups,” Dr Ken Worthy said.

“All this for the 38th leading cause of death in 2020. Truly remarkable.”

More research is being proposed, including the exemptions for court judges current politicians are involved with.

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Agent 47

This exactly.

I’m sure Victoria Police would have multiple members drop dead in between shooting protestors.


Australian first responders may be OK, but I wonder how the kids are going?

Some very preliminary teen death data from the UK that raised my eyebrows.

Chinese Astroturfer

Given the mainstream media has so little credibility they were reporting stories about Trump peeing on prostitutes on the bed Obama slept on or some rubbish like that not that many years ago, it is strange that they won’t touch this. That nobody is asking the question, what if they get the vaccines wrong and it’s not apparent until several years down the track? Nobody asking why young people are seemingly dying in greater numbers for reasons other than COVID.

If they get the vaccines wrong …. they already have, non sterilising shite that kills your immune system is what they are.