Morrison announces new “Judge Buy Back Program” to ensure ‘integrity of mandate challenges’

EZFKA PM Scott Morrison has announced a new ‘Buy Back’ program of the Australian judicial system in response to legal challenges to mandates.

Hot off of the heels of his Dominion Voting Act to ensure electoral integrity, EZFKA judges and magistrates that haven’t already been bought off, threatened or blackmailed on video tape will be eligible for a large cash payment as compensation for favourable rulings on vaccine mandate challenges.

‘It’s like 1996 but for vaccines this time,’ Morrison said.

“This is to ensure the integrity of the process. I still haven’t mandated vaccines and they are not compulsory so there is nothing to really worry about.”

The program will begin immediately in Victoria and NSW.

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Holy shit we need to change the label of satire to spoiler alert – Immunocompromised may need to take a FOURTH COVID-19 vaccine dose (


Agent 47