McGowan now clear favourite for 2021 Fuckwit of the Year Award

WA Premier Mark McGowan has made a late charge to be the clear favourite for EZFKA’s 2021 Fuckwit of the Year Award, after the harshest ‘no jab, no job’ mandates in EZFKA came into effect in WA.

75% of WA’s workforce will be impacted but the mandates mean the odds of McGowan taking out the award for unabashed fuckwittery have gone even, making him the clear favourite. The race features the entirety of National Cabinet along with most CHO’s, Dr Norman Swan, Jane Halton and numerous journalists.

McGowan was relieved hard work had paid off.

“I’ve been shitting all over the Australian Constitution for months so it’s about bloody time I get some recognition. The Kerry Stokes protection racket at The West Australian has worked overtime,” McGowan said.

“The ‘state daddy’ campaign has also really pushed me over the edge in terms of popularity among middle class idiots who just want to be told what to do all the time, without any thought to the long-term consequences.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is reportedly upset about the odds and has vowed to double down until the award is announced in late December.