“We’re all in this together” says man segregating unvaccinated Aboriginals out of Victoria

Daniel Andrews has re-iterated his calls for unity, despite the introduction of vaccine passports that will see unvaccinated Indigenous Australians banned from pubs, sporting events, restaurants and cafes in Victoria.

The Premier was unapologetic about his stance.

“We’re all about equality, inclusion and diversity in this state, but if you aren’t vaccinated then you have no right to be mixing with the rest of us,” Andrews said.

“I’d like to make the point again that we’re all in this together and we recognise that this is First Nations land. Except if you’re an unvaccinated Wurundjeri or Yorta Yorta, at which point you aren’t welcome.”

Andrews said he was considering a ‘cultural exemption’ for vaccination status and that only demographics vital to his re-election chances, including BLM members, would be considered.

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Agent 47

Well looks like all those welcome to country ceremonies are out the window then

One upside of it.


That would be fucking marvellous. If ever there was a pointless waste of time, that’s it. Not to mention the “….respects to elders past, present and future…” bullshit everytime more than 2 whitefellas get together.

I identify as a Torries Straight man, will I get an exemption for the “covid treatment” injection?


Off topic, but has everyone seen serpentza’s latest clip on China’s war rhetoric?



haven’t seen it but I do follow him. the title seems a bit hyperbolic this time.


Yeah, possibly a little over the top, but the aggression does seem to have stepped up a notch with article mentioning ‘a time for blood’ – if my memory and Winston’s translation are correct.


Wasn’t the logo last year “Staying apart keeps us together”?