Australian small businesses open up from lockdown immediately after identifying as Black Lives Matter protests

Small businesses around Australia have opened up immediately in defiance of lockdown, after identifying themselves as Black Lives Matter protests.

Business owners across Australia have declared that they stand in support of Black Lives Matter and have opened their doors immediately, with no objection from state governments or Police. Businesses have posted the Mark of the BLM on their walls or shopfronts, so that all men may buy or sell.

NSW Police have issued an apology to the businesses previously fined and said they won’t be pursuing charges.

“We support their political position and we think it’s necessary in a free and democratic society for businesses to have a right to protest politics we approve of,” NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said.

Victoria Police have also said they will acknowledge the move, with officers required to kneel for 8 minutes and 46 seconds before entering any business with the BLM sign.

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Agent 47

Haha haha brilliant

MB Fanboi

Surely to become an “essential” business they could just start selling very hoppy chocolate pumpkin plum marshmallow NEIPA brewed onsite. Take away growlers only. Beer growler that is….


Well said Timbo!