McGowan says 400,000 dog box apartments a year needed to boost WA’s economy

WA Premier Mark McGowan says at least 400,000 one bedroom apartments are needed to reboot the EZFKA state’s economy.

McGowan stated that being reliant on the iron ore price was not a sound strategy and that eventually Perth would need to get with the times and fully embrace the real estate ponzi from the East Coast.

“We’re doing our best to destroy liveability in the inner and western suburbs now with pointless towers of one bedroom apartments, so we should be looking to fast track that everywhere across the state,” McGowan said.

“We need to keep tradies in jobs building towers no-one but property developers want. I understand the concerns, but it’s not welfare when it’s essentially work for the dole for the construction industry. Remember, we don’t do productive innovation or manufacturing in this country mate, so I take offence to those suggestions.”

McGowan said he would be consulting with the Property Council of Australia and Meriton as how best to proceed with construction and public relations.

“We’ll be employing the usual tactic of shaming anyone who doesn’t want high-rise garbage that adds no value in their suburbs as NIMBY’s and anti-progress boomers. That generally works on Western Australians because they’re largely exceptionalist idiots.”

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I always knew the Melbourne growth model could be exported. It is the perfect EZFKA model.