Melbourne Magistrate looking forward to another week of giving bail to violent African criminals

A Melbourne Magistrate is set for a big week of giving out bail for violent offenders from Africa, hoping to eclipse the previous record.

Magistrate Linda Goldbergstein said she was hotly anticipating another week of turning violent, imported shit bags loose on the public while wearing none of the responsibility.

“Given the number of stabbings this week I think I’m a chance to set the record for most bail given by a Magistrate, that was held by another female as well so it will be quite the honour,” Goldbergstein said.

“The defence lawyers in this country are exceptional when it comes to African offenders. Making the same ‘I’m from a war-torn country and had a rough upbringing’ argument when they left Africa at two years old and have no recollection of said conflict is really compelling.’

“We’ve given them every chance to integrate over 16 years and they’ve thrown it back in the public’s face, what’s another year right?”

Goldbergstein stated while she was upset that she couldn’t bail the Sudanese teen that stabbed a grandmother to death in Queensland last week, she was ‘confident that she would get her chance on a similar case very soon.’

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And he didn’t thrash about much at all