Albanese finally arrives in flood affected Queensland after finding a woman to hold his umbrella for him

EZFKA Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has made his way to flood affected Queensland, after finding a woman to hold his umbrella for him.

Albanese was criticised for not arriving earlier but said he needed to find a female ALP staffer to dress him in his rain coat and tie his shoelaces.

“I would have been here sooner but I couldn’t find a woman to hold my umbrella,” Albanese said.

“I’m not here to help out or anything. Just a few token photographs and perception management events and then back on the plane.”

Albanese will be touring the flood affected areas with Tim Flannery lecturing residents about climate change.

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There can be no greater sign of weakness in a man than making someone else, particularly a woman, stand in the rain while holding an umbrella over your head. Shameful stuff.

Agent 47

This guy is the most emasculated softcock leader we could potentially have.

Legit mummys boy.


Lol crusty old man with crusty opinions, you’re a fossil cunt, do us all a favour and assume you place in the record.


I have to point out that this pic dates from a month ago in case you didn’t know.


Lionel Tiger

eh. The fat middle aged woman holding the brolly is probably a public servant parasite Goblin on $150k a year. Fuck her and the little dog she rode in on.