Victorian Government refers everyone who didn’t vote for the ALP to IBAC

The Victorian government has announced that it will hold a public inquiry into everyone in the state who didn’t vote for the ALP at the last election, in preparation for the 2022 state election.

After the red shirts scandal was referred to IBAC, a new counter-inquiry was immediately launched by the Andrews government. The terms of reference will also include anyone who didn’t vote for the Greens, Animal Justice or Reason Party, with public shaming, burnings and inquisitions to commence next week.

“This is a great chance for us to know why people didn’t vote for the correct party and how best to re-educate them so they vote the correct way later this year,” Greens leader Samantha Ratnam said.

“The Victorian Electoral Commission have been very accommodating providing us with all the data from the electoral roll, including names and addresses, so we know where to send Victoria Police when the time comes – Mickleham Quarantine Facility won’t fill itself.”

Daniel Andrews has vowed to introduce heavy social credit point deductions for those who do not comply at the next state election.

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Awww….poor little Dan.

What he needs is something to brighten his day….like being allowed to require three jabs to be considered fully vaccinated.

Oh, wait……ATAGI just gave him the go-ahead:

ATAGI recommends change to definition of COVID-19 vaccine status from ‘fully vaccinated’ to ‘up to date’

The body’s chair Nigel Crawford told a parliamentary committee that changing the term would bring the COVID-19 vaccination program closer into line with other, like those administered to children.

“We think the best terminology is actually ‘up to date with vaccination status’, rather than ‘fully vaccinated’,” he said.

“That’s a term that we’ve used in the childhood program.”

There’s something almost poignant (or prophetic?) about the statement “…… would bring the COVID-19 vaccination program closer into line with other, like those administered to children.” ……..I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry.

I wonder if he understood the underlying implications when he said it.

Anyhow. you gotta admit…….‘up to date with vaccination status’ sounds so much more open-ended than ‘fully vaccinated’, doesn’t it.

And that’s got to be a good thing, right?


Isn’t it about time we all stopped calling these things vaccines? Cause, like, they’re not. just sayin…


Hell no……the powers that be have got that one covered….just change the definition of “vaccine”:

Yes, the CDC changed its definition of vaccine to be ‘more transparent’

Yes, the CDC changed its definition of vaccine from “a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease” to “a preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” The public health agency also changed its definition of “vaccination.”

See….there’s no problem too hard that can’t be resolved by simply changing the meaning of words.

I think it was a bloke called George Orwell who first came up with the idea.


A f….ng medical experiment

Reus's Large MEMBER

“treatments” at best os what they are, one wonders how they are going to cover up the increase in deaths from people being vaccinated, there is already overwhelming data that shows that heart related issues, cancer, still births, deaths in sports people are all through the roof.

I am guessing the big one will be when you get a life insurance discount for not being vaccinated will be the big tell.


Spot on…. these injections are gene therapy based on a theoretical virus because NOBODY in the world has isolated the virus yet to make a vaccine, so it’s all imaginary , all these health and government officials pushing this imaginary virus gene therapy onto the masses are lying to the public. There is no isolated virus … go sit on an imaginary chair all those idiot doctors and health officials because no one has isolated a virus to make a vaccine , even Pfizer, Moderna and all other claimants cannot produce the virology micrograph of the virus to make a vaccine, they do not know what it looks like ….it’s all a big big big FRAUD and I dare anyone to prove me wrong. sHOW ME THE CORONA VIRUS MICROGRAPH

Stephanie Christy

I doubt the next state election will see Dan Andrews or Mark McGowan get voted back in. And Labor I doubt will ever make federal again on the poor example of their state Labor leaders. And liberals are not a party anyone decent working Australian needs in power either. Time to elect a independent


What gets me is the debt this country is in over a trillion, what gross mismanagement of finances , if people elected to government behaved poorly were subject to jail they would not do what they do, these McGowans, Andrews,Morrisons, Berrechichlian etc would all be in jail for breaking the law , for gross negligence, mass abuse of power and financial fraud the list goes on….that’s why they do what they do because there is no accountability for their actions, they are all pure evil, proce me wrong …they don’t listen to the citizens at all , look at the protests over the last year…..noting they did has been acknowledged …these officials are not leaders they are tyrants Nazi liar dictators who have private security with guns to push their own agendas and that of big pharma no matter the consequence to the citizens……they are all dishonest and need to be jailed for breaking Australian law and all their accomplices CEOs and their accomplases If what I am writing is incorrect please prove me wrong!! This country is an international embarrassment for crimes against humanity …..if it’s not …why are it’s citizens protesting at Canberra? I am not worried …time will make sure we get every last one of them ….every last one of them and they will be begging ……it’s going to be a spectacle , the best part is they are going to do it all by themselves , once they realise they are in mass formation psychosis and start coming out !! I feel sorry for all their family members it must be soo hard for them to be put through this . Can you imagine living in the same house as these monsters ?