Iron ore – the new disaster theory

This week the boys delegated the iron ore screeching duties to Chriso. Chriso obviously struggled to get any kind of scary story squeezed out of the horns of the mighty iron ore bull.

But he kept trying and ended up coming up with this scary “slog” story:

Looks scary, dunnit?

the scary headline is followed by a spooky explanation, care of auntie:

A hahahaha hahahaha!

thirteen thousand big ones! For ships that routinely carry upwards of 200,000 tons.

The Peachy abacus says that equates to $0.05 per ton. Or 0.00something percent.

What a disaster! I’m sure that’s got everyone in China shaking in their boots!

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Thin White Duke

Remember the good old days when they would implore everyone to short the bejeezus out of FMG? There were articles every day and this was when the stock was about $5. Great call!