Macrobusiness merrily lands into same hole it has been falling into For decade… Accuses others of not learning

Today at Macrobusiness the boys moan:

It’s the same every time we face this question. The same tired people. The same reactionary arguments. The same lack of imagination. All have resisted rate cuts for years, been wrong the entire time about it, yet they never let up nor learn.

ironically, they almost immediately get to repeating their own tired dogma, which has been constantly wrong FOR A DECADE…

…and so will be wrong again, because it is built on a complete misunderstanding of the EZFKA, a mistaking of the EZFKA for some kind of benevolent democracy, intent on looking after its citizens:

Lower mortgage rates and Australian dollar coming. Now, all we need is for to APRA to tighten to protect financial stability and Australia finally has rational monetary settings.

Ahahahhahahahha! The lower dollar is not coming, because commodities:

APRA tightening is not coming in any impactful way, because would work against what is needed for the EZFKA. As was foretold:

This analysis and prediction stuff is easy!

First you have to get your metaphysics sorted, though – have to open your eyes and believe what you see. Rather than close your eyes and believe what you imagine must be true.