Public opinion

Wonder what we all make of this

seems like the population is almost split down the middle on lockdowns now

which is just great news for our future cohesion and progress as a society

surprising that young people are equally in favour as oldies, but young Australians seem to enjoy voting against their own best interested

absolutely shocked and appalled that anyone thinks Dan Andrew’s is doing a good job

and , as always, lol at greens supporters

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how are victorians still so strongly pro dan? he’s been the worst of the lot


Stockholm syndrome is my guess. The other thing is a large proportion of white collar workers have not been that adversely effected, and many even prefer the lockdowns as they like working from home. Not to mention the hoards of entitled retirees that think everyone else must sacrifice their sanity to protect them.


Not just white collar workers. Plenty of other workers getting more money tax free than what they did working part time as their workplace closed.

Don’t get me started about entitled boomers. We had a punishing lockdown last year to protect them. You would think they would return the favour and get jabbed as soon as it was available. Nope. They acted like high BMI spoilt brats that they are and said “we want Pfizer”.


Not just white collar workers. Plenty of other workers getting more money tax free than what they did working part time as their workplace closed.

yes, I think that much of what’s been seen can be easily explained as “back pocket behaviour”.

while people’s back pockets are getting filled reliably, they’ll most be content to sit there quietly and not rock the boat. When that begins to be threatened (eg gov payments wound back, no jab no job bullshit), some of those previously content become grumpy.

This dynamic is, to my fruity mind, why UBI would be an enormous disaster, if it is ever introduced because it would give the incompetents in government a very direct line to people’s back pockets.


If you think Dan is bad (which he is), the opposition comprises of unemployable private school twats. Then you have the hard left that wants to turn Melbourne into Portland Oregon. With this level of incompetency and underfunding of health, Melbourne’s Covid outcome is not all that surprising.


A large % of Melbourne gets their pay from gov/gov related stuff. They are smart enough to know that keep their mouths shut, otherwise it’ll be cut off.

People who have lived in Victoria a long time understand the strength of the elite-left control over the state.

Even if the right can make some gains, they are not going to reverse this control, so its safer to keep you’re head down and not make any noise.

And that is assuming anyone against Andrews isn’t just controlled opposition and/or infiltrated by controlled opposition.


Victoria is simply a great example of EZFKA.

If you’ve managed to keep a job during the pandemic while others have been sidelined, it’s only logical to advocate for the continuation of the lockdown status quo which will increase the wealth divide in your favour.

As a thought experiment, would you rather be in a situation where you had a hundred bucks and everyone else had a dollar, or would you rather a scenario where you all had a thousand dollars?

I mean, you could chose the latter, but then you’d be outing yourself who didn’t understand purchasing power or a Green/Communist sympathiser who should join the CCP :p

Remember, if someone is suffering more than you, by comparison you’re doing better and it’s the EZFKA way to strive for that.


As a thought experiment, would you rather be in a situation where you had a hundred bucks and everyone else had a dollar, or would you rather a scenario where you all had a thousand dollars?

once I didn’t understand how people could possibly not choose the latter.

that was a grave shortcoming.


The split between City and Regional will explain both Victoria and Queensland. Nearly everyone in Vic lives in Melbourne, whereas most people in Queenland live outside of Brisbane.


And surely a large chunk of tourism industry people who have been decimated?


Some light viewing on propaganda and population control,
should help illuminate why things may be the way they are…


Nice video, bjw.

I happened to re-read 1984 a short while before this whole pantomime kicked off, so it was fresh in mind and a good prism through which to observe things as they unfolded (and continue to unfold)


I would imagine ‘split’ would be far clearer if the MSM published the jobs of those supporting lockdowns and those opposing the lockdowns.

The split would be near entirely around class. Why do you think the media emotively call them ‘anti-vaxers’ or ‘far-wing protestors’ (the only allowable slur left nowadays) as opposed to working class people enraged by continued, unjustified lockdowns that threaten their livelihoods and families?

Lockdowns as a middle class remote worker is a complete LARP. Journalists may as well be on holidays, stories around covid, the vaccines, and resulting social unrest just fall into their laps. The rest of the knowledge working class are equally on holidays. It is a completely different story if you are a laborer dependent on cash or casual work. Things are so bad you are better off turning yourself in and going to prison:

The biggest surprise for the media has been that the real working class background in Australia is still so white, hence why they are so keen to describe the protests as a white wing movement.

These msm reporters live in a rarified world of services, and naturally assume while they are waited on hand and foot by imported coloured servants, that practically all Australian workers are immigrants.

The reality is, the back bone of Australian laborers and workers, in building, construction and manufacturing are still overwhelmingly white. It is just the ultra-low paid services industries concentrated servicing these high paid progressive liberal fuckwits, that they gain the impression that the average Australian is Indian or Chinese.

Lockdowns are simply undeclared class warfare, being implemented by our elites, cheered on and justified by our msm media, and slightly condoned by a pampered middle class of inner city knowledge workers.

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Probably worried they will be deported.


That’d probably be right…….


why is it that the Indians and asians haven’t been protesting ?

Probably because they have a cultural history of ignoring laws, so for the most part just ignore the stupid rules anyway.
They also have much less “freedom entitlement mindset” than anglo countries. How many long running representative democracies in asia?

uber drivers and cabbies and cleaners

pretty sure they all get to be essential… and probably just switched to the exploding food delivery sector if they get reduced work, for similar pay and conditions.


Where I am central sydney it is almost impossible to get an uber driver or uber eats

Boohoo for you. Hasn’t the cbd been massively shut down anyway. All those things used to be virtually non existent on the central coast, now widely available.
Maybe the workers went to the jobs.