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Let us review the tragic death of Ms Adriana Midori Tanaka

The “30 year old” (actually38yo) that they are eulogising to encourage everyone to take the jab

She was classic EZFKA fodder – a foreign “student” immigrant.

And,  what’s more, part of the parasitic financial industry

But that is not relevant to what I want to discuss today

Here are the very sketchy details we have of her death

‘A day or two after admission, Adriana complained of chest pains. Medical staff assessed her having a heart attack,’

‘She needed immediate surgery and an instrument (don’t know if it was a pacemaker or otherwise) had to assist her heart to maintain a regular rhythm.

‘Adriana’s health condition worsened after a few days and further tests confirmed that her heart had a “viral infection”.She “never regained consciousness after emergency heart surgery, after the viral infection spread to her heart.”
He said her condition deteriorated so quickly that a decision was made with the relevant consent from family members to switch off the life-preserving machines.

‘Communication was one-way because she had been unconscious for several hours after her emergency heart surgery.’ 

Here is a brief introduction to cardiac pathology and a likely course of events

1. Myocarditis is a recognised complication of Covid infection.

2. Myocarditis simply means “inflammation of the heart”. The pathologic mechanisms probably aren’t relevant, but there are many viral infections that can cause myocarditis. It does often occur in young otherwise healthy individuals (as a result of any one of these many varied viral infections)

3. Myocarditis can cause death as a result of reduced cardiac output – ie not pumping enough blood around the body, particularly to the brain, leading to cell death

4. The reduced cardiac output can be due to arrhythmia (disorganized pumping of the heart, which is not mechanically efficient), which is often itself a result of myocardial infarction (death of cardiac myocytes)

In the case of Miss Tanaka, it sounds like her covid-induced myocarditis resulted in an infarct and consequent arrhythmia

I cannot think of any other possible co

These arrhythmias can be treated via external pacing (pacing leads positioned on the skin of the chest) such as the ones used for defibrillators, but a bit more sophisticated

However, in the medium and long term will require internal pacing – wires are passed down via the jugular vein into and penetrate the heart wall muscle, and connected to a pacing box which sends electrical impulses down the wire and causes the heart to contract in an organised, regulated fashion

Many thousands of these procedures are performed  in Australia every year. 
You undoubtedly have a family member or friend who has a pacemaker
It is a big ($$$$$) business for cardiologists and pacemaker manufacturers

As with any procedure, there is a risk of complications
In young women in particular, there is a risk that the pacing leads can perforate the wall of the heart (as their myocardium is thinner and less fibrous than old crusty men)
This will cause blood to pour out of the lumen of the heart, into the surrounding sac (pericardium)
This results in the heart not being able to put blood out into the arteries irrespective of the pacing/rhythm (as the heart is getting squashed by all this blood, it can’t fill or empty properly)

If this isn’t resolved quickly enough, the brain will have had inadequate blood perfusion for a prolonged period of timeBrain cells die as a result

The patient becomes a “vegetable” or brain dead

We can infer this is what happened to Ms Tanaka by the description of events, and the fact that a decision was deliberately made to turn off her life support – this only happens because the patient is brain dead

Even if her heart was completely fucked beyond repair, a very young and otherwise healthy woman like this would be considered for ECMO (basically an external machine takes over the function of the heart) and then heart transplant

So they pulled the plug because they knew that even if they fixed her heart function, her brain can’t be repaired or replaced

Now, the question becomes:

Is this genuinely a covid death?

Or a result of medical misadventure/procedural complication?

Does it matter – is it a distinction without a difference?

I am  not suggesting it was incompetence or malpractice, as complications are an accepted and inevitable risk of any medical procedure

But maybe her fellow EZFKA units are not getting the full story here

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Chinese Astroturfer

As Tony Abbott said sometimes shit happens.

That’s 6 people under 50 in Australia dead from something that has killed 900 odd people.

People should assess the level of risk they are comfortable with.

People that are 38 and healthy and worried about dying should stay the fuck home (or don’t have roommate that works in the COVID ward).

There will be healthy young people that die but that’s the luck of the draw. It overwhelmingly kills young fat slobs and the elderly.

Last edited 2 months ago by Chinese Astroturfer

medical mistakes are a HUGE cause of death, like its the third highest cause of death in modern western countries. ppl who put so much faith in modern medicine and its ability to treat everyone should take this into consideration


yup. the key word being faith….
there is a faith, belief, that modern medical technology can solve and cure every illness.


Congrats on your first post!


Yeah – good post Coming. I like the clinical pathology that you’ve back solved to from the scarce facts in the newspapers. The vegetive state so soon after that sort of surgery is a red flag that isn’t apparent to most news reader.


top post
“EZFKA units are not getting the full story here”

dead right in this case.


“…a result of medical misadventure/procedural complication?
Does it matter – is it a distinction without a difference?”

It matters to the medico industry spin merchants… a lot


It matters not at all to our government. It is merely spun to push their agenda. Still hard to work out what that is other than make it a tomorrow problem.


This is from Vox this morning – Vox Popoli: Don’t smoke your own supply (

“It is with great sadness that we confirm the death of UF Health Jacksonville CEO Leon L. Haley Jr. Dr. Haley was a strong, inspirational leader and beloved son, father, friend and colleague. We ask that you keep his family in your prayers tonight and in the coming days,” the release said. “We do not have specific details of his passing at this time. We ask that you respect the privacy of Dr. Haley’s family, friends and colleagues at UF Health.”

“We do not have specific details of his passing at this time” – Clearly.

Apparently its not that all doctors are corrupt and the profession is a cartel which restricts supply to ensure it can continue to extract economic rents.

They believe they know best.

Ok. I will make my own choices, build my own relationships and exit the system. They owe me nothing, and I also owe them nothing.

Chinese Astroturfer

He crashed a jet ski by the look of it. Stupid way to go out no wonder they didn’t want to mention it.


Thanks this is way more information than the “media” is providing. Is there any more news out there other than the Daily Mail?

It’s hard to get the exact timeline as it looks like most of the info is coming from Facebook and everyone involved has English as a second language. How EZFKA!

So she had an underlying heart problem but the doctors ignored it because all they were interested in was Covid? The timeline of her begging for the AZ vaccine and being rejected isn’t clear, but it seems like it was after she already had Covid.


But how do we know it wasn’t an underlying condition? The only information coming out seems to be from Facebook posts.

It was mentioned that she asked for the AZ vaccine but it sounded like it was after she actually contracted Covid. Regardless it’s now being used to push under 40s into AZ. I guess they grilled Scomo about this on the Project but there’s no way I’m watching that rubbish.

Dictator David

“She had some type of “emergency surgery”, which from what I know about viral myocarditis and its potential complications could only reasonably be a pacemaker insertion”

You’re wrong.


Myocarditis can happen with any virus. If you are kind of person who does high intensity training then you should take it easy for a few days after any viral infection. i.e. don’t take you heart rate anywhere near maximum. I know of a super fit 25yo that died after suffering a cardiac arrest whilst rock climbing a few days after a “bad cold”.

It appears she got the Myocarditis from Covid so yes it is a Covid death.

pfh 007


How common is myocarditis after a “bad cold” if you do take it easy and avoid high intensity training or rock climbing? I assume she wasn’t engaged in either of those activities.


It would be extremely rare for seasonal viruses.

My exercise comment was a general caution as I see too many people exert themselves immediately after a virus. You could die doing nothing but I would imagine chances go exponential if you exert yourself with a weakened heart.

pfh 007

Yes – I have heard of a few eager young professionals just working long hours through a “cold/flu” only to find themselves the subject of a moving obituary.


Yeah – I’ve known that it dangerous to do vigorous high intensity exercise after a bad cold, and its something I generally avoid for a couple weeks afterwards until I feel 100% again


Conspiracy theory – she has been deliberately sacrificed to force people to get the jab.

On a more serious note, I wonder what the coroner’s report said, if there even is one yet? Or is the media jumping to conclusions?


What’s the rules here?

does there need to be a crowner’s report in such circumstances?

Dictator David

It’s an unexpected death so there will be a coroners report. They are released on the coroners website and easily searchable. But they take several years to complete and get published.


Assume this would also rely on the family requesting a coroner’s report? Which surely you would given how dodgy this death is

Dictator David

A 39 year who was previously fit and healthy that dies post heart surgery while in hospital, will be reported to the coroner. The coroner will then decide to do an investigation or not.

Different states may vary slightly. Feel free to show me otherwise?

Last edited 2 months ago by DictatorDavid

Glorius gladys has specifically declared this a covid death and used it to promote fear to encourage compliance with lockdown and vax.
Media is merely being the good lapdogs they are and repeating the party line.


True it is Gladys pushing this line also which is for all the reasons you listed.


Per my question and Peachys above, wouldn’t there need to be a coroner’s report to confirm this?


Thanks. Interesting.

So, basically we have a system whereby anything can be chalked up to covid if it’s plausibly the cause of death is what you’re saying effectively?


It doesn’t even need to be plausible. Someone tested positive once to covid, they are a covid death.
Want to speak out against this as a Dr in the NSW health system? Expect consequences.


I think the “cause” of a death is complex and nuanced , which most lay people do not appreciate

indeed. Where does one start? Where does one stop?

The material cause of death – the victim had been alive.
The formal cause of death – the victim was a human & needed a functioning respiratory and circulation system to live.
The efficient cause of death – the victim’s heart failed.
The final cause – so that the EZFKA machine would have something to cajole the other units with.

Travis Howarth

She didn’t perhaps have the Pfizer vaccine? It’s linked to heart inflammation isn’t it? Wouldn’t that really put the icing on the covid death cake. I don’t suppose we’ll ever get told for obvious reasons.


Or clotting from the AZ caused the heart attack. The only news coming out is Facebook posts from her pimp and some friends so who knows what to believe.

Just please go get your AZ vaccine if you’re under 40 or this will be you!

Dictator David

She’s under 40 and didn’t work in a priority job. So highly unlikely she was vaccinated.


Reality is that any health issue that becomes a comorbidity to a covid infection is a covid related death. To put it in best perspective, a purely covid induced death would be that one where a person with clean bill of health dies of covid only or predominantly of covid to the threshold where other ailments are negligible in contribution.
The Tanaka miss therefore died of covid complications.
Unless covid infection was negligible in contribution (* e.g. the heart failure was imminent).

To FFWD to the point, as much as it is obvious that there is a hidden agenda and use of death for ulterior motives, it does not change the fact that Tanaka likely died of Covid (see * above). Focusing on silly trivia stuff like ‘is the death covid related or not’ – is a deflection from the real issue which here is the fear peddling to coerce us to participate in the biggest guinea pig testing in known mankind history.

Chinese Astroturfer

She might have had COVID then died from a medical procedure, she might have died because of the COVID, really it makes no difference.

COVID is not the flu and significantly more deadly, but that’s no justification for putting our lives on hold indefinitely, forcing vaccines on people.

It’s a new way for everyone to die, not nearly as bad as heart disease or diabetes in the destruction it causes but something you probably don’t want to go out of your way to catch over and over especially until we know more about the long term effects.

But in the event you do catch it, if you’re young and healthy you have a negligible chance of death.


There are many possible causes of myocarditis (see below), but the most common cause is a viral infection. Viral infections – such as the viruses that cause the common cold, flu, chickenpox, glandular fever, German measles, gastrointestinal (‘stomach’) infections and adenovirus (lung infections).

She could have died from the common cold. This proves nothing about covid being more deadly than the flu.

Dictator David

Her linkedin also says she worked AstraZeinca, Dec 2008 – May 2010 1 year 6 months. Big coincidence or just a troll sucking you in?

Last edited 2 months ago by DictatorDavid

Oh come on, let’s get more conspiratorial….

Dictator David

I’d consider it if it was just Pfizer but AZ aswell is a pretty fucking big coincidence!

Peachy I’m just cranky post night shifts. Having a few beers now so all good. Carry on with the conspiracies blokes

Agent 47

On a similar tangent I note the CDC has revoked the PCR test authorization due to its dubious status.

Whether that has implications for anyone here.


I think in places like Hong Kong they still rely on PCR. in fact you get about half a dozen tests from when you land until the end of your quarantine and a few days after it.


Finally some good news:

‘Women are claiming ‘boobs get bigger’ after having Pfizer jab’

Can’t wait for the boo(b)ster shots…

Last edited 2 months ago by Sacha

Next on is that AZ induces prolonged stiffening in selected parts of the body of non menstruating people

Last edited 2 months ago by DjenkA
Agent 47

Seems to be causing permanent stiffening of some people’s entire bodies.


Makes house prices go up sharply but.

so, in all, a good thing.


C’mon man!

Everybody knows that this week the correct term to address men is as people without a uterus.

Are you deliberately trying to be hurtful?


On behalf of the hysterectomy crowd, I am deeply offended.



Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 10.26.35.png

How is this better than pfh’s article??!!

Fuck all punctuation, stilted flow, single sentence paragraphs and the only “argument” is your deluded denialism.

Fuck you’re a spastic.


I think that the blokes are still waiting for your article, where you show how it’s done.

it doesn’t have to be about COVID or crypto or politics or anything really. had one about doing up Corollas the other day. So you can pick a topic that you love & play to your strengths.


You and the rest of the retard crew here can get fucked. Deadset circle jerk of spastics round here. Fuckin so dumb the shit you cunts post/talk about/endorse.

Seriously, wake up to yourself you fucking stupid cunt.

Conan the Barbarian

Excellent questions.
Myocarditis is also an ever increasing side effect of the covid vaccines(gene therapy)The fact MSM required to insert that miss Takara had repeatedly attempted to get a vaccine appointment, requires investigation whether this young lady had received the vaccine(reported in other articles but pulled down quickly).I believe they flipped this story to misdirect the public due to the hesitency of getting these vaccines.
Prince Alfred is one of three major vaccine delivery points in Sydney.


requires investigation whether this young lady had received the vaccine(reported in other articles but pulled down quickly).

well, I wouldn’t hold my breath on an investigation. Two reasons:

  1. nobody wants inconvenient facts to surface
  2. the structure of the news cycle is that this story will be dropped and yesterday’s star victim will be replaced a new star victim tomorrow
  3. vaccination status and other health markers are fantastic candidates for concealment under the aegis of “patient confidentiality”. This is one thing that makes COVID propaganda so easy. Report whatever happens to be convenient; conceal what you like as “personal and confidential”

(yeh, that’s three, not two. I’ve got a 33% off promotion running)

all of which to say that you are quite likely correct here:

believe they flipped this story to misdirect the public due to the hesitency of getting these vaccines


Coming: “I’ve got a PhD”

Lol even if this is true you still can’t write a decent article or competently argue your case you fuckin muppet. Get nodded cunt. You’re a grandstanding fuckwit that can’t even provide sources for your assertions.

Seriously, do the world a favour and neck up cunt.