Should Big John the Wanker write about BSV?

I say go for it you tiny dicked weiner – IDGAF

All it will be is just your bloviated opinion, which you spray around like a dog leaving its mark pissing on trees, which is what all this is really about.

I have a different OPINION to you.

You, a Crypto Moon Boy – whose main thesis is “store of value” but funnily enough, while he’s such a big believer in that thesis he’s currently holding ZERO.

Me, Crypto skeptic who believes that if something is to have value then it needed to perform some task of value, i.e. work, or Proof of Work, which is the actually economic principal that is supposedly meant to link across to the hashing algorithms that protect the network. It is also what gives currency other than fiat value… (for the record you dumb shit, the thing that gives Govt currency value is that that they demand you pay your taxes with it).


But because you are such a resident of the hard floor of Dunning-Kruger valley, that allowing any opinion that stands in conflict with yours from standing burns you up.

Because you are a bully and you can’t stand people disagreeing with you – the appalling abuse that you hurled at Pfh007 because he disagreed with your views on vaccines is another example. That I stand up to you and hurl abuse and shit back at you at ten times the pace you can manage only burns you even more.

I regularly make contrition to having imperfect knowledge on matters so I speak openly and provide as many references for why I hold the views I do, but you…. your absolutism in your own opinion is a towering monument to pig headedness.

So come at me cunt, do your best.

PS: Some people might find the picture linked to this post a little obscure, so in order to eliminate any doubt because he actually runs multiple sock puppet accounts…

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Agent 47

Peachy I move there should be a dedicated forum post for people that want to have it out with other readers in this manner.

This was funny at first but the fact its carried on for nearly three days is now mental illness territory.

I appreciate both of these guys contributions on respective topics but this is now retarded and should just be settled offline if they have that much invested.

My 2 cents.


Do you mean the forum-proper, this one: ?



Play time’s over guys. Difference of opinion, move on.

Healthy debate was lost 3 days ago.


This is probably right.

Casual visitors don’t need to be exposed to flame wars upon landing.

The forum is a bit more out of sight and better suited for this (and other multi-day exchanges)

…to this end I’ve also had the lewd imagery tastefully pixelated…

EZFKA ain’t intended to be prissy, but it ain’t intended to be an open sewer, either.


This sound reasonable,
You also don’t deliberately mislead people trying to talk your own book, throw a hissy fit and abuse people if you realise you are wrong.
Virtually all your articles are promoting bsv or badmouthing other crypto, don’t complain if someone points out you may be deliberately or accidentally misleading people.

Continually spamming other people’s articles with offensive material is also a really bad look…

Editing and deleting other people’s comments you seem to think is reasonable…


Very adult,
and lolz, you needed to edit it again?
Is it a compulsion or something…

Remember me saying I was going to show everybody what you are like?
It’s a bit late to try to play nice now.


I notice also as usual, you missed most of the point…

learn tocode

And to be really clear,
when you talk like that to people, you don’t get to go cry that someone is being mean to you back.


Sure, how come no other persons articles comments go like yours?

The fact is you think you can win, and then you realise you can’t and you go spastic.
Go look at the list of insults you continually use on me. of course I am going to respond.

Half the stuff you use I have to google it’s that obscure.

You spammed your stupid picture at every comment i made for half a day.

As always you are projecting.
You are the most manipulative, conniving person I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
We all saw behind the mask today and now you are trying to drag it back on.

Even W@f gave up his bullshit after half a day or so.


You are a far bigger bully than me.


We both can’t stay here without it going to shit, I’m not putting up with you calling me every name under the sun and spamming your bullshit silently.

I’m ready for the tribal council.
Whose flame is extinguished?


Aren’t you the one who talks about dominating everyone?
And has to delete comments to prove you can?

Yeah, I’m a Bully, just like W@ffle, Chad and yourself – but I at least try to confine my bullying towards other bullies, as opposed to simply someone whose opinion I disagree with.

You literally can’t go a sentence without contradicting yourself…


Why did chad follow you here?


It’s far more amazing that someone whose main philosophy is

 Having a conversation and talking about ideas isn’t about winning. It is about walking away and considering the other persons position.

Has pissed off 2 people enough to follow him to another website to troll him, probably 3 at this point.

You are a walking bullshit machine.


You are the powerful one, put it up.


And W@f for that matter, drama and bullshit seems to follow you like a bad smell…

Plug Meister

“Healthy debate was lost 3 days ago.” LOL, more like weeks!




I told you cunts ages ago this guy was an unhinged spastic, none of you listened so wallow in the shit you let happen.


Exactly this is how adults disagree with someone’s opinion

Very adult…

learn tocode

My one and only contribution to this…

learn tocode

That I get in your head so easily…




Hope you’re having fun being locked down and losing your mind. I’m too busy enjoying the Brisbane night life to fuck with you tonight.

I’ll just leave you this little thought exercise – who is dominating who? If I have to tell you where I’ve bagged out your wife so you can then immediately run off and edit my comment are you really “dominating” me? Lololololol


Fuck cunt, I’ve had a bottle of whiskey and fucked 2 whores since that last post and you keep banging that drum lol. Get over it dude, you’re an idiot lol


Didn’t say I paid or that they were sex workers, just that they were whores in the colloquial sense. Saying that, I see no issue with paying for sex, don’t pretend you aren’t paying for it lol, sex workers are cheaper than a wife/family. In your case definitely cheaper emotionally, your wife costs you a fortune in emotional anguish by the way you carry on about her.

Meh, have fun being locked down, I’m going fishing. Might pay a sex worker afterwards too, just because I can. Bye bitch.


Didn’t read this post.

you’re an idiot.

that is all.

Chad Thundercock

Stewie ya big cuck




im legit giving myself a heart attack from these threads, this is funnier than anything ive ever seen on tv or anything by a screenwriter or comedian or whatever, hahahahahaha