Will Georgia going Democrat and giving them a clean sweep really be a ‘Win’ for the American people?

The most annoying mainstream media narrative at the moment is that somehow a clean sweep by the Democrats in Congress, the Senate and the Presidency, will somehow result in ‘corrective class policies of higher wages, capital gains and corporate taxes.’ To my mind this is the same sort of delusional fairytale stuff as the Trumpeteer’s singing EL Trumpo’s praises at the outset of his presidency. Even worse is the delusion that this just what Australia and the rest of the world need.

If the Democrats win the Senate and end up with a clean sweep this is what you the USA and the rest of the world will get:

i) Massive stimulus;
ii) Massive wage crushing immigration into the US;
iii) Booming asset prices and ZERO real wage growth – I’d put my money on negative;
v) Booming corporate profits.

But in terms of the ‘Biden’ administration actually delivering anything of substance in terms of meeting the progressive left’s hopes towards corrective class policies of higher wages, reform to capital gains tax laws and corporate taxes my best bet is that Biden will deliver a big fat ZERO.

While there will most likely end up being a ‘transition of power’ in order to maintain the illusion of democracy, all that ground swell of hope for aforementioned genuine reform likely to impact the explosion in inequality will be sorely misplaced.

The most likely scenario is that all the supposed tax reform will end up stalling in the Senate, because some Democrat senators become so outraged and horrified at the ‘confiscatory nature’ of the proposed taxes and antic’s of the Squad, that they will end up siding with the Republicans. The number of Corporate donations to the DNC, being more than double that of the Republican’s guarantees any meaningful tax reform will never see the light of day. Companies and CEO’s didn’t donate to the Democrats and actually expect to pay higher taxes.

Whatever tax reform that emerges will be little more than a damp squib, think the Australia’s recent Royal Commission into the Banks sort of squib. What little punitive measures are actually enacted will fall mainly on higher wage earners. Capital, as usual, will escape largely unharmed like it has done in the past – by parking itself and profits overseas.

Meanwhile as distractions to its utter failure in any meaningful reform of the above, the new Administration will be guaranteed to move forward in the one area – the manufactured culture war and moral panic about ‘white supremacy’. The Biden administration will be guaranteed favorable media coverage in this area, which is why the average American will be able to expect lots of ‘progress’ in this space.

This will be come to be the main defining flavour of the Biden years, a sort of Neo-McCarthyism based around any displays of resistance to or utter submission to the MultiCult/Diversity narrative. Just questioning that alone will be enough to have you hauled before the mob and thrown from you job, let alone considering any display, exhibition or recognition of white identity (other than as idiots in commercials or bad guys on telly).

It will be this total shit show of a distraction with the progressive Left’s ideological “War on (microscope trace elements of) Racism”, that will be used by the new Administration to distract from their utter failure in delivering any meaningful economic reform.

Oh and then there will be the slow burn corruption and tax probes against Biden’s son Hunter, and by implication Biden himself (which the press all knew about BEFORE the election, but chose to ignore or paint as a ‘conspiracy theory’ and not continue to conveniently ignore or memory hole). Who knows what will happen there – it could ignored or become a slow burner issue for the new presidency, or perhaps even a big enough trigger to replace Biden. Either way I expect the media to be favorable to whatever stance the DNC takes.

The above sideshow will probably accompanied with some counter retaliatory sideshow of another sort, most likely trumped up electioneering charges of some sort against Trump in order to neuter his ‘shadow presidency’, and the controversy he is likely to try to sustain in regards to his election defeat.

Finally all of the above comes before what will become the true grand defining spectacle of Biden Administration – either Biden dying or sliding into dementia triggering a constitutional crisis as the real President Elect, a hollow Ring Wrath of a woman, Kamila Harris, is slid into power. Harris is imho someone who stands for absolutely nothing other than whatever values the Corporatocracy choose to put in front of her, as her agreement for them getting her into power.

This imho is what the average American and world spectator can expect to look forward to for the next four years if the Democrats end up winning a clean sweep.

And what if by some chance the Republican’s maintain control of the Senate?

Exactly the same, except there will be no massive stimulus. That will mean greater destruction of real wages and living standards for the working class, as the Govt force feeds demand into the US via immigration to make up for the lack of growth in living standards and wages. Forcing the Fed to go even harder to with QE Infinity (MMT) leading to even higher asset prices and corporate profits.

The 1st the Biden/Harris term will amount to little more than a turbo charge return to the Obama years while being accompanied by unending scolding and hectoring. The only other thing that will be turbo charged will be the same sentiments that brought Trump to power in the first place.

What lies ahead for America is clearly visible in the past.